An Overview:

DNB/DrNB – Final is an exit examination leading to the award of DNB/DrNB qualification respectively. National Board of Examinations in Medical Sciences usually conducts DNB/DrNB Final Examination in June and December every year.

DNB Final is a two-stage examination comprising of theory and practical examination. An eligible candidate who has qualified the theory examination is permitted to appear in the practical examination. Those who fail to qualify the theory examination are required to reappear in the theory examination.

Candidates who have undergone training as a DNB/DrNB trainee at any of the National Board of Examinations in Medical Sciences accredited institute after having registered with NBEMS as a DNB/DrNB trainee and are completing their prescribed (as per letter of registration issued by NBEMS) training as a DNB/DrNB trainee by the date prescribed, & on submission of certificate to this effect, can undertake the DNB/DrNB Final Examination in the same specialty.

Candidates who have passed the final examination, on or before the prescribed cut- off date, leading to the award of a Post Graduate Degree (MD/MS or DM/MCh), from an Indian University, which is duly recognized as per provisions of the National Medical Commission (NMC) Act, 2019 and the first schedule of the IMC Act can apply for the DNB/DrNB Final examination in the same specialty.

This webpage on NBEMS website offers easy access to the Information Bulletin of DNB/DrNB Final Examination, Online Application submission weblinks, Guidelines for application submission, Applicant Login, Notices related to DNB/DrNB Final Examinations published time to time and Results of DNB/DrNB Final Examinations conducted by NBEMS.