Department of Information Technology, NBEMS

The NBEMS website has been developed and maintained in-house by the IT department of NBEMS. IT department of NBEMS plays a significant and vital role as a support system of each and every activity of NBEMS.

IT department assist the Department of Examination in following crucial activities:

  • Theory Exit Examinations in Hybrid Mode
  • OSCE Based DNB/DrNB Practical Examinations
  • Management of Labs for Digital Evaluation of Answer scripts
  • Conduct of Skill Tests for Recruitment Examinations of NBEMS
  • Publication of Results of various Examinations
  • Generation of the high Stake results such as NEET PG, NEET MDS etc

IT department provides its support to various other activities of the NBEMS such as:

  • IT Support for Accreditation Committee Meetings, GB Meetings, Specialist Board Meetings and other important meetings of the NBEMS
  • Distribution of FMGE Pass Certificate
  • Conduct of CME and other Academic Events
  • Conduct of other events such as Annual Day, Hindi Mah, Vigilance Week, Patient Safety Day, Republic and Independence Day, Cultural Fest, Sports Week etc.
  • Conduction of in-person Mop-up Round of NBEMS Counseling

Apart from the above, IT department is also involved in development and maintenance of a number of indigenous software applications for various departments and other stake holders of NBEMS such as:

  • SULEKHA (Sugam Lekha Khata) - Pay and Payments related activities
  • Thesis Online – Online facilities for the DNB/DrNB trainees for thesis related activities
  • DTES (Digital Thesis Evaluation System) – for digital evaluation of Thesis by NBEMS Assessors
  • NBEMS Shodh-Sagar – Digital Thesis Repository of DNB/DrNB Thesis accepted by NBEMS
  • Webinar Portal – For facilitation for Scheduling and conducting e-learning webinar classes and lectures for DNB/DrNB Trainees.
  • Degree Online – for facilitating various recruitment agencies all across the world for verification of DNB/DrNB degrees awarded by NBEMS and apply for duplicate degrees in case of loss of Degree Certificate.
  • Portal for NBEMS trainees and NBEMS accredited hospitals for Annual Course Fee and other Registration related activates.
  • NBEMS-PRAYAS (Prashasanik Yatra Sahayak) – facilitation for booking of tracking of vehicles for NBEMS Officers, Faculty Members and guest for official purposes.
  • VRKS (Visitor Record Keeping System) - Scheduling, travel management and Record keeping of all visiting Faculty members and experts for various exam related activities.
  • ORP (OSCE Result Processing System) – For Processing of score of OSCE based practical Exams.
  • E-mail Services for Intra-Office Communications
  • एकता (एनबीईएमएस कानूनी केस तालिका) – for Processing and record keeping of NBEMS legal cases information.
  • NBEMS Rajbhasha Library Portal
  • ITGR – IT Related Grievance Registration and complaint resolving system.
  • AdminG – Facilitation for NBEMS Staff for Administration related works.
  • File Tracing System - For recordkeeping and tracking of internal file/document movement

· Other Software applications such as DigiDoc, Image Compressor, PDF tools, Excel tools etc.

NBEMS IT department is at present maintaining the network Computers, Laptops, Printers and many other network devices at three locations i.e NBEMS Dwarka Office, NBEMS Dwarka-Annex Office and NBEMS Ansari Nagar Office. IT department is also involved in liaison with our Technical Partners/Vendors in connection with the implementation and activities of their technical supports.

We also extend our support to various NBEMS Departments for generation of multimedia contents such as multimedia presentations, Document designs, Audiovisual contents.

सेवा अस्माकं धर्मः is department’s motto and with a limited staff strength of five, the department delivers all above activities on time by working on most of the weekends and on extended hours on weekdays.

Felicitation of IT Department Staff by dignitaries for their various achievements: