Department of Training & Monitoring

Subsequent to qualifying the entrance examination and before appearing in the exit examinations of NBEMS, the department of Training & Monitoring at NBEMS through it following divisions attends the training component of NBEMS trainees:

1. Division of Counseling & Registration
a. Conduct of online centralised merit-based Counseling
b. Annual Course Fee
c. Allotment of registration number for DNB/DrNB/FNB trainees
d. Leave and stipend related matter of all ongoing trainees
e. Grievances Redressal of trainees (such as Leave matters & Relocation of trainees).

2. Division of Thesis
a. All Thesis received are assessed promptly as per laid down Thesis Guidelines
b. Assessment of Theses through subject experts across the country
c. Compliances to deficiencies in protocol & thesis are sought
d. Issuance of outcomes of Thesis assessment

3. Division of Continuous Professional Development
a. Formative Assessment and Internal Appraisal for DNB, DrNB & FNB candidates
b. CME Workshop on Clinical Research Methodologies & Thesis Protocol Writing
c. Provision of Learning Material in form of DVDs to desirous candidates/ hospitals
d. Updation of curriculums for DNB, DrNB & FNB courses
e. Provision of curriculum copies to passed out candidates
f. Accreditation of the CMEs, conferences and work shops

The department assess more than 4500 theses annually and conducts Formative Assessment of around 15000 candidates a year. CME Workshop on Clinical Research Methodologies & Thesis Protocol Writing are organized by the department for thousands of candidates annually.
Following Online portals are available at NBEMS website to access various activities attended by the department:

With a staff strength of 29, the department has been monitoring the training of thousands of candidates across the country and addressing their training related queries. The department can be approached for any training related matters through Communication Web Portal of NBEMS.