Write short notes on the following :


1 Pulmonary Thromboembolism.

2 Non-specific aortoarteritis.

3 Left to right shunts.

4 Sequestrated Lung Segment.

5 Primary Pulmonary Tuberculosis.

6 Angiomyolipoma of the Kidney.

7 Neurogenic Bladder.

8 Unilateral large kidney in a child.

9 Clinical-Radiological profile of Pancoast Tumour.

10 Posterior Urethral Valve.

11 Benign lesions of the liver.

12 Endovascular management of intracranial Aneurysm.

13 Imaging of Petrous Bone.

14 MRI-Imaging of Retroperitoneum.

15 Non-Tubercular Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

16 Angiography and intervention in portal hypertension.

17 CT Angiography and its application in abdomen

18 Colour Doppler in I.U.G.R

19 Radiology of Soft Tissue.

20 Techniques for evaluation of Acromegaly.

21 Outline of techniques in functional MRI.

22 Triple phase portography.

23 Ultrasonography Contrast Media

24 Screens used in Cassettes.

25 Total Evaluation Techniques for Adrenal Disease.

26 Film Artefacts.

27 Setting up a radiology department in a 200-bedded hospital.

28 Outline of radio-isotopes available.

29 Evaluation techniques for Basilar Invagination.

30 Radiological evaluation of delayed milestones.

31 Computed Radiography vs Digital Radiography.

32 Mammography X-ray Tube

33 Principles of CT Bronchoscopy and its uses.

34 Radiation protection in an X-ray Deptt.

35 Electrical Circuits of X-ray machine.

36 Describe the positioning for various skull X-ray views.

37 Techniques of MRI Angiography.

38 Safety hazards in MRI

39 Steps to improve the quality of a chest X-ray.

40 CT Angiography present status.