Result of DNB Practical Exam, June 2018 session has been declared in the specialty of Cardiothoracic Surgery (National Heart Institute- New Delhi centre), Paediatric Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Immunohematology & Blood Transfusion, OBGY (Sri Venkateshwar Medical College - Tirupati , B J Medical College - Pune, Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital - New Delhi, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital - New Delhi, Vani Vilas Hospital – Bangalore, AMC-Vishakhapatnam ,GMERS Medical College & Hospital-Ahmedabad, KIMS-Secunderabad, Hindu Rao Hospital-New Delhi, Command Hospital-Kolkata centres and PGIMS-Rohtak centres), Community Medicine, Urology, Surgical Oncology, Neurosurgery, Pathology, Dermatology, Orthopaedics (MIOT-Chennai, Tirupati, Base Hospital-Delhi, Safdarjung Hospital-Delhi, LHMC-Delhi, St. John’s Medical College-Bengaluru, GMC-Chandigarh, IPGMER-Kolkata, BJMC-Pune centres), Nuclear Medicine, Medical Oncology, PMR, Respiratory Medicine (KEM-Pune, AMC-Visakhapatnam & BJMC-Ahmedabad centres), Family Medicine (CMC, Vellore centre), Ophthalmology (Command Hospital - Chandimandir, Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital & Research Centre - Pune and Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital - New Delhi centres), Anaesthesiology (St. John's Medical College-Bangalore, GMC-Nagpur, Fortis Escorts Hospital-Jaipur, Command Hospital-Chandimandir, Army Hospital-R & R -Delhi, IGIMS-Patna, Apollo Hospital- Bhubaneshwar, GMERS Medical College- Gandhinagar, KEM Hospital-Pune, Base Hospital-Delhi, RG Kar Medical College-Kolkata, Yashoda Hospital-Hyderabad & Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital-Delhi centres), Neurology, Radiotherapy (CMC-Vellore & Cancer Institute -Adyar centres), Nephrology (AMC-Vishakhapatnam & GMC-Thiruvananthapuram centres), Radiodiagnosis (Command Hospital-Kolkata, GMC-Thiruvananthapuram & SMS Medical College-Jaipur centres), Surgical Gastroenterology, Neonatology, General Surgery ( DDU-New Delhi, BJMC-Ahmedabad, NRS Medical College-Kolkata, Safdarjung Hospital-New Delhi, GMC-Kanyakumari, IMS-Varanasi, MS Ramaiah Medical College-B’lore, PGIMS-Rohtak & GMC-Chandigarh centres), General Medicine (Yashoda Hospital-Secunderabad, BJ Medical College-Pune, Hindu Rao Hospital-New Delhi centres), Gastroenterology, Endocrinology, Cardiology (IPGMER-Kolkata centre), Plastic Surgery, Haematology and Microbiology

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Thu 12th Apr, 2007 [Submission of Thesis Summary]

National Board of Examinations/ Learning material/Thesis-CDs/2007

Dated 6.4.2007

Sub. Learning materials for DNB candidates & summary of Thesis on CDs


It is my great pleasure writing to you. I hereby request you to contribute towards the development of learning material for DNB programmes. The Board is planning to have a learning material on various topics in various specialties for DNB candidates. Since you yourself have completed the programme you would be able to contribute more effectively in this endeavor. You can send us write up on any three topics of your interest in your speciality under the following subheads-

your name and address, Speciality, name of system(e.g. CVS/CNS etc), name of topic, introduction, salient points in history, clinical examination, investigations, diagnosis, management, recent advances in that area, references, photographs/diagrams if any.

Each write up should be of 4-5 pages considering the needs of an average DNB candidates in that speciality. This be sent tome in CD along with one hard copy. Your contribution will be duly acknowledged and it will be a great contribution towards improving the DNB programmes.

The Board is also planning to have the recording of summary of DNB thesis in the form of CDs, for the benefit of our candidates. In that context you are herby requested to send the summary of your thesis on the enclosed format in hard copy and also on CDs within three weeks, if you have not yet sent so. This will help us to take necessary action at our end.

Thank you for your cooperation and support to National Board of Examinations.

With best wishes.

Yours sincerely,

(A.K. Sood
National Board of Examinations

Format for computerization of summary of DNB Thesis

1. Name of Specialty (please mention the speciality like Medicine, surgery, OBG etc.)

2. Name of System of Body (Please mention the system of the body to which you thesis belongs such as CVS, respiratory, CNS etc.)

3. Title of Thesis and year of submission of thesis.

4. Name of the candidate

5. Name of the Supervisor

6. Name of Hospital

7. Objectives of the study (please mention the objectives of your study.)

8. Material & Method

8.1 Study area (please mention in brief the profile of hospital/unit where the study was done and reasons for doing so, in five lines.)

8.2 Study population (please mention the groups from which data was collected for example Indoor/OPD cases, Male/Females, urban/rural, Children/Adult etc.)

8.3 Sample size & sample technique (please mention the sample size of the study populations and the sample technique of taking this sample size.)

8.4 Data collection technique and tools (please mention how the data was collected, such as interview, observation/measurement of some parameter, record study etc. and which tools were used, such as observation check list, interview schedule etc.)

8.5 Data analysis (please mention how data was analysis and name of the statistical test if used.)

9. Salient findings (please mention the important findings of your study as per your objectives in two pages.)

10. Conclusions (please write in one paragraph, the conclusion of your study.)

11. Recommendations (please write five important recommendations of your study.)



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