Result of DNB Practical Exam, December 2017 session held in March/April 2017 has been declared in the specialty of Radiodiagnosis ( Command Hospital (EC) - Kolkata, SMS Medical College - Jaipur, AFMC - Pune and Govt. Medical College – Thiruvananthapuram) and Immunohaematology & Blood Transfusion.

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Fri 24th Jun, 2016 [Kind Attention: Applicant candidates for DNB Final Examination December 2016 regarding submission of thesis]

National Board of Examinations

New Delhi


Dated: 22-06-2016


Sub: Submission of thesis Reg. 

Kind Attention: Applicant candidates for DNB Final Examination December 2016 

Kindly note that it has already been informed vide notices published by NBE time to time that DNB candidates are required to submit their thesis before the cutoff date which shall be 30th June of same year for candidates appearing for their scheduled December final theory examination 

Similarly candidates who shall be appearing in their scheduled DNB final examination in June session shall be required to submit their thesis by 31st of preceding December. 

As per NBE norms, writing a thesis is essential for all DNB candidates towards partial fulfillment of eligibility for award of DNB degree certificate. 

For candidates appearing in December 2016 DNB final theory examination, the prescribed cut off date for thesis submission is 30-06-2016. 

Fee can be deposited through pay-in-slip/challan at any of the Indian bank branch across India. The challan can be downloaded from NBE website www.natboard.edu.in 

Candidates who fail to submit their thesis by the aforementioned cutoff date shall NOT be allowed to appear in DNB final examination to be held in December 2016. 

A declaration of thesis work being bonafide in nature and done by the candidate himself/herself at the institute of DNB training has to be submitted bound with thesis. It must be signed by the candidate himself/herself, the thesis guide and head of the institution, failing which thesis shall not be considered. 

All accredited medical/ institute kindly note that submission of thesis of DNB trainees registered at your institute should be submitted in timely manner as per guidelines mentioned above. It is the responsibility of thesis guide, Department Head and Head of the Institute that DNB trainees submit their thesis to NBE for assessment as per time frame prescribed. 

DNB Candidates should refrain from adopting any unethical practice in preparation & submission of thesis to NBE for assessment. If any unethical practice is detected in work of the thesis, the same is liable to be rejected. Such candidates are also liable to face disciplinary action as may be decided by the NBE. 

Candidates are required to submit their thesis as per NBE norms mentioned as above. 

Requests to extend the last date of submission of thesis shall not be considered. 

This is for your kind information and necessary compliance.






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